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WordPress Search & Filter is a simple search and filtering plugin.  It is essentially an advancement of the WordPress search box, adding taxonomy filters & post filters to really refine your searches.

You can search by Category, Tag, Custom Taxonomy, Post Type or any combination of these easily – you can even remove the search box and simply use it as a filtering system for your posts and pages.

After my own requirements of needing some granular filters applied to my searches I tried a few free plugins online and found none quite did what I need, there are many plugins that enhance the search box, and there are others that allow filtering of taxonomies but none that combine the two and are free (as far as I can tell).

The best free plugin I found was the Query Multiple Taxonomies Plugin – however it did not allow you to search at the same time as applying the filters.

And so the Search & Filter plugin was born:


Download Wordpress Search & Filter

Grab the download any of these sources:

WordPress Plugins GitHub

How To Use

To display Search & Filter all you need to do is a use a shortcode:

[searchandfilter fields="search,category,post_tag"]

This will display a search box, a category dropdown and a tag dropdown. You can use the shortcode within posts/pages and widget areas.

To use this within a theme file you simple need to call the `do_shorcode` function with the shortcode above within the theme file:

<?php echo do_shortcode( '[searchandfilter fields="search,category,post_tag"]' ); ?>


Official documentation can be found on our docs site which contains usage examples and advanced settings & features.


Need More?

Get the pro version:

  • Search with Ajax 🙂
  • Filter by Date, Author & Post Meta / Custom Fields
  • Sort results by Post Meta / Custom Fields
  • Range Sliders and Range Fields for Meta Data
  • Drag and Drop user interface – makes it incredibly easy to build a granular search form
  • Works with WooCommerce, Advanced Custom Fields Plugin & more
  • Dedicated Support

Find out more


– Official Documentation Plugin
Github Project

301 Responses to “WordPress Search & Filter – A Simple Search and Filtering Plugin for Taxonomies”

  1. Akhila c.c

    I upload the search & filter plugin.when adding different taxonomies into it some are displayed as ‘All Terms’ and others are displayed correctly. Why it displayed like can i change it.


  2. Nikos Kapoglou

    Hi there. Just downloaded the plugin which actually looks perfect. The thing is that i just installed it but in the back end of wordpress i see only the “search & filter” menu but no settings submenus.

    Do i need to do something to appear?

    I am installing in wp 4.6.1 and i am using the avada theme

    Thank you in advance and i look forward to your answer.

  3. Hello! When I use the search & filter I would like all the blog posts that fit the categories/tags to show up. As it is, only the most recent post fitting the search & filter categories shows up and then one must click on newer or older post to see the others. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you!

    • Ross

      The amount of results shown is controlled by your WP settings, head to `settings` -> `reading` and change the option `Blog pages show at most`. Thanks

  4. Nati


    when I choose a category out of the list and then click “submit” I only get a blank page. Why?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Ross

      Ensure WP debugging is enabled, and try to look for errors – if you get a “headers already sent” error, then it means you have an error in your setup, and S&F can’t redirect to the results page. In this case you must find the cause of your error and resolve in order to allow for S&F t work.

  5. Mark

    Hi there, I’m trying to figure out a way to combine the results of two taxonomies. As it is right now, “taxonomy1/term1?taxonomy2=term2” and what I’m after “taxonomy1/term1+taxonomy2=term2”

    • Ross

      With S&F free, the search will go to either the search page, or a taxonomy archive page (depending if you have taxonomy filters)… So for search page you need to edit `search.php`, and for the taxonomy archive it will likely be `archive.php` – however, your theme could be using other templates for these pages according to the template hierarchy –

      S&F Pro actually has a setting which simplifies this, you just specify the name of your template and this file will always be used for your search results.


  6. Hi, I tryed to modify the “All” word in front of string “All categories” (Dropdown lists) to “Tutti”, because I wsant to translate it in italian but with no success. Where I have to change to have it? Thanks.


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