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We’ve just updated our website… we’ve moved on from a theme we bought a very long time ago which turned out to be pretty problematic and coded our own using the fantastic WordPress bootstrap template.

What was once a blog we set up and didn’t really know what to do with, has slowly turned in to a very interesting project for us.

After releasing a couple of WordPress plugins and offering free design templates it seems people like what we do. So we’ve decided to put more focus on all things Designs & Code, and hopefully over the next few weeks you’ll begin to see the fruition of our work.

We’ll be concentrating as usual on providing more useful resources as well as releasing our first premium WordPress plugin (a pro version of our Search & Filter Plugin).

Exciting times for us, check back soon!

Ross & Jonathan

24 Responses to “Our new site :)”

  1. Pre-Sales Question: I have a site that I want to search & filter posts separate from woocommerce products (i.e. search & filter both… but separately). The documentation ( makes it sound like if I want to use search & filter with woocommerce, then I can’t use it for posts. Is that the case?

    From the documentation….
    “Configure the Settings
    First, set the Post Type to Products – you must only select this WooCommerce post type to get proper integration with the WooCommerce shop page “

    • Ross

      Hi Rick

      You can create multiple forms, that have different behavior integration, so you can have a woocommerce shop, and then create a separate form for something else completely 🙂


  2. Nigel Roper

    Could you please advise on how I can retrieve maximum number of posts in my PHP Results script? I want be able to display a message along the lines of “Showing x of y items”. I can use “found_posts; ?>” to show x. How do I find y?

    Thank You (still learning WP so apologies if this is a dumb question)

  3. My Name

    why are u hiding the contact us form from the website? is it a secret?

    • Ross

      Sorry for the delays – it depends on how the user directory works. Search & Filter is typically used for searching custom post types, if the users in your directory are saved as custom post types then S&F should work – if they are stored as regular WordPress users then S&F cannot search this.


      • Kai Ekbundit

        Sorry, please disregard the “hello” message. That was not for you. I have too many apps opened. Ha ha.

        I am using Ultimate Member Plugin. It automatically create a directory once the user register.
        When you said custom post types, what does that mean?

        • Ross

          Custom post types are a concept in WordPress which allow you to create different kinds of data, other than posts & pages.

          You see them used in all sorts of plugins, but not usually for user profiles (although it has been done). I’m guessing that plugin uses standard WordPress users, and uses User Meta data to store additional info (this is just a guess) – however another approach *could* be to store this as a custom post type.

          Its probably worth asking the plugin author how the data is stored, and if they use Custom Post Types anywhere or just the user meta.


      • Ludhimila

        Presale – Question : Does S&F query custom tables ? Like after I filter by post-type, could I filter by another field located in a custom table ? Thanks

  4. Maybe a stupid question, but where can I create a login for the support forums? I need to open a ticket for Search & Filter Pro, but where am I supposed to get the login details?

    • Ross

      When you purchased you created an account – if you don’t remember your details just do a lost password request 🙂

  5. Mike

    Pre-sales question.

    Please advise on how to contact you in regards to several pre-sales questions I have.


  6. Alaa Benhammida

    The button doesn’t turn into checkout for me.

    I’d recommend having a “Your cart” or “Checkout” button on your top menu or at least an option to create an account in the “Your account” section.

    Anyway, just paid for the plugin, let’s test it!

    Thanks for the quick reply!

  7. Alaa


    I’d like to purchase to S&FPro plugin, but I cannot find where to create an account on your website.

    When I click on “add to cart”, I don’t know where to go to finish the purchase in order to download the pro version.

    Please help.

    Thank you.



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