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Search by custom fields, post meta, taxonomies, tags, categories, authors, post types, post dates and more – The Ultimate WordPress Filter Plugin with Ajax!

Demo 1 (Movies) Demo 2 (WooCommerce)

It allows you to Search & Filter your posts / custom posts / products by any number of parameters allowing your users to easily find what they are looking for on your site, whether it be a blog post, a product in an online shop and more.

WordPress meta data and taxonomy filters

Users can filter by Categories, Tags, Taxonomies, Custom Fields, Post Meta, Post Dates, Post Types and Authors, or any combination of these easily.

Use for blogs, reviews sites, news sites, property sites and more.

Great for searching in your online shop, tested with: WooCommerce (+product attributes), WP eCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

Screenshots of Search & Filter admin section and when used in different themes (2013 and WooCommerce) – click to open full size images.


Features List

  1. Create forms to search your posts, products, or any other custom post types in your site
  2. Add WordPress meta data and taxonomy filters to your site
  3. Drag and drop interface – makes building and editing forms so much easier
  4. Use AJAX to display results! No page refreshes. Also power your pagination with Ajax
  5. Auto Count / Dynamic Count – dynamically update the count values in the search forms as a user is searching to reflect the correct number of terms for the current search.
  6. Modifies the main query, so displaying your results is easy
  7. Create as many different search forms as you like, and as many results pages as you like
  8. Display anywhere in your pages or themes using widgets or shortcodes
  9. Include or exclude tags, categories and taxonomies from your search results
  10. Available Fields:
    • Search
      • add a search input field to your forms to allow users to enter text – uses the same functionality as you current search box – this may be the default search behaviour or enhanced behaviour from other plugins such as Relevanssi
      • Live Update – with Ajax enabled, your search results will auto update whilst typing
    • Tag, Category, Taxonomy – allow users to filter by any combination of these
      • input types: dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes, multiselects, single or multiselect comboboxes from Chosen
      • options: hierarchical, hide empty terms, display count, exclude terms by ID
      • order terms by: ID, name, slug, count, term group
      • search logic: all terms must be included (AND), or any of the terms must be included (OR)
    • Post Type
      • input types: dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes, multiselects, single or multiselect comboboxes from Chosen
    • Post Date
      • input types: single date, date range
      • jQuery Date Picker
      • Choose if the picker has a dropdown for months/years
      • Date display formats: “dd/mm/yyyy”, “mm/dd/yyyy” and “yyyy/mm/dd”
    • Post Meta – allow users to search custom fields/meta data
      •  allow users to select between number ranges, date picker and choice fields
      • input types:
        • number: range slider, range number, range radio buttons
        • choice: dropdown, radio, checkbox, multiselects, single or multiselect comboboxes from Chosen 
        • date: jQuery date picker, single date or two two date pickers to select a date range – supports dates saved in the database in the format YYYYMMDD or as a timestamp
    • Author
      • input types: dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes, multiselects, single or multiselect comboboxes from Chosen 
      • options: hide authors with no posts, display count, exclude admins, use full names
      • order authors by: ID, name, email, url, registred date, login, post count
    • Sort Order – a field to allow users to sort results by various parameters including meta data
      • Options: sort results by ID, author, title, name, date, date modified, parent ID, random, comment count and menu order
      • Meta Data: this can include by popularity, price, or anything else you use your meta fields for as numerically or you can sort your meta data alphabetically.
      • Choose whether sorting is ASC or DESC – both are optional.
      • Custom labels for all options – completely customise text that is displayed in the dropdown
  11. Frontend UI elements – jQuery date picker, range sliders and comboboxes from Chosen.
  12. Use custom templates for your search results.
  13. I18n ready – translations are planned
  14. Works with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin – allows you to search with dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons and multiselect even where the meta value is serialized.  Essentially, if you are using any of the Basic fields (not text area) or Choice fields then you can filter these in Search & Filter Pro.  Date Picker is now also supported provided the date is stored as “yymmdd” as the save option with ACF.
  15. Integrated with WooCommerce – use directly on your shop page, search Product Attributes and Meta across regular products and product variations 🙂
  16. Works with WP eCommerce
  17. Works with Easy Digital Downloads
  18. Works with WPML
  19. Dedicated Support Forum
  20. 1 Year of Support and Upgrades



Head over to the docs which covers how to use Search & Filter Pro.  We’re working on adding more info and video tutorials soon.

Get started with the docs



We provide support between Monday – Friday, 9.30am – 5.30pm GMT but if we’re online outside of those hours don’t be surprised to get a reply from us.

Support is provided through our support forums using the login details you supplied when purchasing the plugin:

Head to the support forums


Ratings & Reviews

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912 Responses to “Search & Filter Pro – The Ultimate WordPress Filter Plugin”

  1. Michael

    Will this work with the Classipress wordpress theme? It holds the options for custom fields in a separate table, but the values are held as post metadata.

    • Ross

      Hi Michael

      We’ve had a few users’ using classipress so I don’t see why not (not tested personally). S&F does indeed search post meta, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

      Let us know if you run into issues on the forums.


    • Ross

      Yup, I’m assuming projects are a custom post type created by yourself or your theme. S&F works with any post type 🙂

  2. Chris

    Pre-Sales Question:
    1. I have a site with portfolio posts and I would like to be able to search from portfolio categories and portfolio tags (check boxes).

    2. Does it work in the side bar?

  3. Dear Ross.
    I have been using Search & Filter Pro for some time and it does everything I want it to do. However, I would like to change the size and color of the font of the search form. Is that possible?

  4. Hi Ross,

    Another presales question. Can I change all the UX labels? I need to use this on a German-only site. TIA!

  5. Chris Klissiaris

    Hello, i would like to get some presale info in private so i am leaving this message hoping someone will contact me

  6. Gaurav

    I am planning to use this plugin in a directory site, could you please let me know how many records this plugin can handle.

    • Ross

      Hi there, this is quite dependent on 1 feature. The feature to update fields in your search form based on current selection (we call this “auto count”) – eg, if you had a category field, and a tag field, and I choose a specific category, then the tag field will update to show only options with results based on the category selection (you can see this in our movies demo with some of the fields).

      Anyway, if Auto Count is enabled, I’ve had things running pretty smooth on budget shared hosting, with around 3-4k posts (the number of fields in your search form also has an impact on this, as they all have to auto update, this test was with around 8 fields)

      If Auto Count is disabled, you can go upto around 15k posts or more, I’ve seen some users with around 30k posts – but of course your mileage will vary depending on your hosting setup etc.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  7. Pre-Sales Question Ross,

    If I buy a Single Site license to test it and see how it works.

    Could I then upgrade and buy the Developer license paying the difference?

    Thanks a lot,

    • Ross

      Absolutely, we have upgrade paths in your account area should you wish to upgrade this way 🙂

      • Carmelo

        That´s great Ross. Thanks.

        Another pre sales question:

        Does the Pro Version come with the look shown in Photo 2 above?
        I mean, the free version is just shortcodes. But I want to make sure the Pro comes with that look with:
        – Available Fields,
        – Search Form IU,
        – Post Meta …

        Thanks a lot!

        • Ross

          Yup what you see in the photos is stock S&F Pro, only additional styling is by the themes themselves in the front end 🙂

          • Carmelo

            One more Pre-sales question Ross.

            Could your plugin be combine with Essential Grid? I mean, use the Essential Grid to show and style the Posts/ Articles and your Search/Filter plugin to find specific posts within the ones display by Essential Grid.

            This combo would be awesome!

            Thanks a lot!

            • Ross

              Sure, I believe this has been done before, if you open a support ticket we can dig out the info 🙂

  8. Brett

    Pre-Sales Question:
    Can you apply a Range slider as you have to the price, with other attributes ?

    • Ross

      Yup, if the values are numerical, and stored as post meta, you can create sliders for all sorts of things 🙂


    I’m a Beaver Builder (and Beaver Themer) user who wants the filter with AJAX custom taxonomies using the Beaver Builder post module for display.

    I wonder if your plugin can do this? Many I know are looking for the same presently.

    • Ross

      Hi David

      We do indeed support Beaver Builder, its somethign we’ve been looking at recently and have got a few users up and running.

      Open a ticket in the forums once you’ve setup and we can talk through how to get this setup (until we write a tutorial)


    • Ross

      Yup, we support the standard types of field, we do not support repeater fields though.


  10. I’m interested in buying search and filter pro, but one question. Is it possible to show a taxonomy dropdown based on the post type selected. For example I have different states for different post types, and taxonomies for cities linked to each state (by CPT UI). So when the user selects a state post type, then the cities taxonomy dropdown linked to that state should appear.

  11. Don Sony

    Pre-Sales Question: If it possible that the parameters don’t show on the url when filtering?

  12. Maksym

    1st question – I’m working for a company that sells templates on ThemeForest.
    We’d like to use your product in our themes and make it a part of theme.
    Is it possible?
    I’d like to discuss all available options and come to an agreement.

    2nd question – is it possible to create and use filter form on a page where there are no products at all?
    User can choose needed options – click “Filter” and go to the page with filtered products and filter in sidebar for example.

  13. abdelrahman

    Hello sir
    can i now this plugin support the
    ” Choose the post type you want to include in the search” or not sir

    • Ross

      Hi there, I’m not sure your question exactly ( I think lost in translation ) – S&F works with any post type you choose, you can do this via settings in admin, check the demo vid. Thanks

  14. Sonika


    I have a question: is Search & Filter Pro able to filter posts by multiple meta values of one meta key?

    I have custom field “services” and multiple values (“cafe”, “sauna”, “kidclub”, etc).

    So I want in form filter by:

    [checkbox] cafe
    [checkbox] sauna
    [checkbox] kidclub

    So if it will be checked ‘cafe’ and ‘sauna’ I should get only posts with checked both ‘cafe’ and ‘sauna’ checkboxes.

    Is it possible with the plugin “Search & Filter Pro “?

  15. Kathy

    Pre-Sales Question:
    Is there a setting to highlight the search term in the results?

    • Ross

      I’m afraid not for now. We plan to enable this via 3rd party plugins such as Relevanssi or Search WP


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