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117 Reviews for “Search & Filter Pro”

  1. Corey Taylor

    5 / 5 stars

    BEST EVER!!!

    This support went way beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Trevor was prompt and responded to EVERY thing I asked. I initially asked for help thinking that I would get referred back to the manual, or something else. WRONG! I heard from Trevor within a few hours. A few hours later, we were on Skype discussing the issues, and within 24 hours the problem was solved. If you are debating between Relevanssi (or any others) and S&F Pro, pick S&F Pro. The support alone S&F Pro puts it way beyond anything any other plugin I’ve ever tried has offered! I kept thinking for this kind of support I would have gladly bought the app two more times. It’s simply fantastic! For some reason I can’t give more than 5 stars. Trevor we might need to fix that…lol. Best Search Plugin Ever!

  2. Weng

    5 / 5 stars

    You won't get better support anywhere else

    Support was extremely prompt and responsive!! Thanks Trevor!

  3. John Tuggle

    5 / 5 stars

    Awesome Plugin

    This plugin is amazing in how much functionality you are getting. It’s also really easy to customize and works perfectly. Thanks for making a great plugin!


  4. Ignis van Niekerk

    5 / 5 stars

    Trevor is the Man!

    Trevor is the Man!

  5. dann hanks

    5 / 5 stars

    Great Plugin, even better support

    This is the second site I have used this plugin on and it’s done everything I needed and more on both sites. Trevor has supported me on both builds and on the second one when some customisation was needed Trevor Skyped me and quickly helped out with my requirements. Thanks loads, keep up the good work!!

  6. Marcel Heemels

    5 / 5 stars

    Just what I was looking for!


    A very great plug-in with lots of options. It was just what I needed things to do on my website. Keep on doing the good work!

  7. Tash Lewin

    5 / 5 stars

    Awesome support service

    My theme wasn’t one that worked straight out of the box, but Trevor was an amazing help and got it all sorted for me really fast. The plugin is amazing and exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks

  8. Ken Margolis

    5 / 5 stars

    Trevor = Great & S+F Pro Plug-In = Great

    Trevor = Great & S+F Plug-In = Great.

    I have to say I have never experienced better support ever. Trevor is simply the best.

    I am not a web developer but with Trevor’s help – nobody will know that!!!

    Thanks again!!!

  9. Rishi Shah

    5 / 5 stars

    Above & Beyond

    The support I have received here has be phenomenal. I am a very happy customer and hope that I get to work more with the search and filter plugin and the team. Especially Trevor. Trevor went above and beyond and I had a great laugh with him while doing it. If you are unsure about something with this plugin, just ask and you will surprised about how good the support is.

  10. Cory

    5 / 5 stars

    Plugin Saved My ASS

    It doesn’t do everything in the world (which is good) but it does some impossible things that every client expects “out of the box.” I would be a lost soul if not for this plugin. I had to build this kind of thing myself a few years ago, so I am sorely aware of how complicated it is … and how valuable. NICE WORK.

    Also, Trevor and Ross are great.

  11. tony khan

    5 / 5 stars

    Great quick response

    Posted question on a Sunday, got a very quick response Monday morning well impressed

  12. Markus Haselböck

    5 / 5 stars

    Great Support for Seach & Filter Pro

    Really great and quick support by Trevor and Ross!
    I had troubles with the plugin in combination with a premium theme from (Jupiter).
    Within some days they figured out how to solve a filtering problem (by category) and will provide the solution in their future versions. Thank you very much!

  13. Nadav S

    5 / 5 stars

    Great plugin, amazing support

    Other reviewers really weren’t joking when they said Trevor gives the best support. I had an issue (that turned out to be something I’d changed in the S&F Pro settings) and within a short time Trevor called me over Skype to fix everything, and – seeing that I was a novice – threw in some additional advice that I’m finding really useful. And the plugin has some powerful features too. Five stars, without a doubt.

  14. robert stojanovic

    5 / 5 stars

    thanks from classipress user

    Filter w buy i think 4 months ago but we never use it before design of results was ugly support help us with soem code and now filter results look like theme search now we can use it we contact with many different theme support every day but this one very good he help us he just help us thanks

  15. Elena Sachs

    5 / 5 stars

    Great plugin, great support

    The plugin is great and the pro version has many features to generate the search you need. The support team, Trevor and Ross, is absolutely fantastic, their quick replies helped me with many different questions (they had a lot of patience with me, since I’m not an expert of scripts, code, etc.).

    Thank you again!

  16. Michael

    5 / 5 stars

    Trevor is amazing! (The plugin is too)

    I loved the plugin in the first place, but the support given by Trevor is nothing short of amazing! I am used to support forums giving slow replies and being less helpful, but that is certainly not the case here. Trevor responds incredibly quickly, and was able to do a video conference in no time – and solved the problem.

    Unlimited supply of stars from me!