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I recently came across this post from Andy Taylor about the grid system he made – – it is very self explanatory and I like the honesty of it all.

It got me thinking as to what the next iteration of the grid will be?

I start all my designs on a 960 grid system mainly for ease of use and that I am comfortable and efficient in this format, I can also plan and design for responsive layouts in a much quicker time – again this is just me I’m not saying it the best way to do it!

I understand the need for a framework that both web designers and developers can use in tandem to ensure a better workflow and also ensure the responsive layouts are taking care of in a non-haphazard way.

My own personal experiences have found that the developers I work with much prefer the PSD files being submitted with a logical grid system in mind; whether it be 960/1140 etc.

So what’s the word on the street? If you know of any new grid systems out there or think you have something interesting to add to the conversation please comment below!

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